Who we are...


A People of Faith...

TBC is a community of Faith who gather weekly to be equipped and empowered to engage the world with the Good News of Jesus.  We're a Church that believes the Gospel of Jesus is a message of Hope and Truth that brings purpose and meaning to all areas of Life.   We're not perfect, but we trust Jesus to be the way, the truth, and the life - we seek to follow Him and trust in His death and resurrection on our behalf.

TBC is affiliated with the Baptist Churches of NSW/ACT.         See our Common Beliefs

A Bible focus...

God's love for His world is most clearly spoken and demonstrated through the teaching and life of His Son Jesus.  With the Holy Spirit's help, we can discover all we need to know about our Father-God and His purposes through His Son Jesus, in the Bible.  

Written over 1500 years, by some 40 different authors using a range of diverse genres, the Bible is God's beautifully rich means of communicating with people.  The Bible comes alive through Spirit-empowered preaching, teaching and prayerful reflection.

A Ministry of Service...

Church isn't an event we 'go to'.  Rather it's a community that is called by God to love and serve people, in 'the way of Jesus'.  Our purpose is to engage the world with the Good News of Jesus and His Kingdom.  We get to do this together, in community.  
Belonging and participation are important to us at TBC.  If you're looking for a Faith-community to participate in and grow with, then we'd encourage you to spend a good several weeks connecting with us, to find out how and where you can use your gifts to serve.  We'd love to get to know each other in community - and all people are welcomed here to participate, and find their place in God's Story.

Pastoral Team

Chris Thornhill



Andre Hill


Children and Families 

Ministry Coordinator

Leadership Teams

Church Elders


John Harris, Barbara Humphries, 

Peter Johnson, William McClean

Church Deacons


Tony Avent, Gary Hill

Kevin Neal,  Josh Hayes, Kim Macpherson

(absent - David Hayes)

Ministry Team

Lee Pertzel


Office Administrator

Barbara Fell


Church Care Team Coordinator